I know that’s a bold claim to make,

but I promise that I can show you why paying more attention to your current life, and putting some love into it, will help you create the life of your dreams!

We’re constantly being shown how imperfect our lives are.

Social media and modern marketing strategies target our human desire for more, and create a feeling of scarcity in our minds. Social conditioning projects unrealistic expectations of what “perfect” is supposed to look like...whether it’s in a relationship, a career, or your body. 

The world tells us how we should feel when we don't have that "perfect life." We are asked to reject and resist our reality. It’s no surprise that we are struggling - with shame, guilt, fear, and exhaustion. 

It would be amazing if we could control everything that happens to us. But the truth is, the only thing we really have complete control over is ourselves. Yet, we spend our entire lives trying to change our mothers, our spouses, and our jobs, thinking that, if they could be different, we would feel better. Feeling better seems to be the ultimate prize!




I will show you that the things that happen in your life are not the reason you are unhappy.

Your present circumstances are perfectly made for you to unlock your highest potential... and become the person you were always

meant to be! 

Purple Buds

"Indu not only gives you the tools and guidance to change but the encouragement and faith to keep going. "

-MaryAnne, AZ


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