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Certified Life Coach 

Love your perfectly imperfect life! (1).
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Love Your Perfectly Imperfect Lives! (6)
Love Your Perfectly Imperfect Lives! (6)
Love Your Perfectly Imperfect Lives! (6)
Love Your Perfectly Imperfect Lives! (6)

I am here to tell you that if your answer was yes to any or all of those questions, I am the right coach for you!

There was a time when I was convinced that the only thing ideal about my life was how it looked from the outside. The unconscious desire to appear perfect meant that all my energy was spent creating that pretense. I grew up in a loving home, graduated from a top law school, met my amazing husband while he was visiting India, moved to the United States, had three beautiful kids, and was fortunate to stay home with them while my husband built his cardiology practice. 

On paper, my life was perfect. Behind the scenes, things were different!


I was lonely, resentful, and angry.

I didn’t understand why my husband couldn’t be my best friend, why I had to stay home with our kids while he built his dream, or why I couldn’t be out there pursuing a lucrative career. 


I was exhausted.


I used to thrive on love, but love began to feel like the enemy. Loving meant being vulnerable, which felt like weakness. To compensate, I became unkind towards the people I loved the most. This led to shame, guilt, and judgment - all piled on top of each other. Something had to change!

I sought answers that led me to mentors who were able to show me that it was not my life that was the problem. I was so focused on trying to control my external world that I failed to take ownership of the only thing I could control - me. I had willingly given away my power. It was no surprise that I felt like a victim. I discovered a process that taught me how to empower myself.

My journey showed me how my life was perfectly designed to give me the whole human experience. One that would help me hone my skills to become the best version of me!

Just when I was settling into my new self, life showed up and knocked the wind out of my sails. With no warning..... my precious husband passed away.





I was devastated but felt an indescribable calm. I knew this was a pivotal moment for me and this time I refused to be a victim. I discovered that I could grieve and thrive at the same time.

My mission as your life coach is to share the techniques I have studied and personally used to help navigate the toughest period of my life.

We all know that pain is an inevitable part of life, but my goal is to help you see that suffering doesn’t have to be!

You already have EVERYTHING you need to stop being the victim and to control the narrative of your own story.

What if...

 ...I could show you how to take your imperfect life and make it work for your good to become the person you were always meant to be?

 ...I could change the lens through which you see your life to one of curiosity and hope?

 ...I could show you how to create the life of your dreams without changing anyone or anything in your life?

Allow me to show you how to LOVE your 


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Has your world been turned UPSIDE DOWN by a life-changing event?

Do you feel STUCK in a relationship or TRAPPED by what you see in the mirror?

Do you find yourself going through the motions, happy but not thriving, unhappy but unable to do anything about it?

Do you have hopes and ambitions but see no way of making them a reality?

Are you EXHAUSTED and just wish...



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