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Client Testimonials

When I began life-coaching with Indu, I hoped that she would help me make changes in my life that would make me a happier person. Yet she taught me something invaluable. Due to the uncontrollable circumstances of life, no matter what decisions or changes I make, I could be happy regardless. This is a belief that I have always struggled with, especially because I’ve had anxiety since I was a little girl. I thought that I needed to make decisions and change circumstances that would support me as an “anxious” person. Yet I was missing out on half of life. Indu has taught me how to embrace, accept, and feel anxiety, AND face the challenges yet beautiful opportunities for growth that come with being human.

Most of the work I did with Indu was centered around my self-concept and relationships. My relationships with other people were challenging because I placed my self worth in their approval of me. I learned quickly from her that this was a very unstable way to gain happiness. Working with Indu, I’ve been able to cultivate my own self-worth and love, and work on being more authentic with people around me. Learning to be honest and set boundaries, caused so much fear of rejection and losing the people I loved most. However, Indu’s coaching has helped me move me away from fear and people-pleasing tendencies towards acceptance, curiosity, and gratitude for how I can learn and grow from people around me and love myself. Indu has taught me the value of unconditional love in relationships, and the freedom and joy that comes from being in a relationship with people who are different from me or even challenging at times. 

Indu is not only an incredibly wise and gifted life coach, but she is an incredible support system as well. The journey of self-discovery and change has not been easy, and I have expressed to her my feelings of hopelessness on countless occasions. She is patient, positive, affirming, and lifts you up in such an empowering way, that I believe sets her apart as a life-coach. When I would come to her with specific questions about coaching strategies, she would come back with detailed answers and logical evidence to back up the new kinds of choices and beliefs that she was helping me make. Not only will she give you the tools and guidance to change, but the encouragement and faith to keep going. Indu is a gift and has truly changed my life for the better. The kind of person I have become and am still aspiring to be through what I’ve learned from coaching is so worth it!! I highly recommend Indu for whatever stage of life you're in or struggles you're facing. 

MaryAnne, Mesa, AZ

I sought support from Indu as I was going through the most difficult time of my adult life after losing my job and relocating from one country to another but she changed my life. Going into our sessions, I’ve was open-minded but also didn’t know what to expect. Indu immediately created rapport and safe space while explaining to me what we would discuss, she is logical in the way she reiterates what I have spoken about and reframes it in a way to help me understand the situation, she speaks with poise, understanding and is empathetic. 


I highly recommend Indu as she immediately disarms your fears and anxiety and helped me find my confidence, develop long term goals, and get my life back on track. Thanks to Indu I am able to lead a fulfilling life. My quality of life and outlook on what I am capable of achieving is clear and it’s thanks to working with Indu.

The changes since my sessions ended are that my confidence has lifted. I have started to work again. I have a boyfriend and have good relationships with my friends and my family. I get out of bed in the morning with a purpose, with goals and what I want to achieve, which is really empowering. I actually cannot imagine my life before coaching, because Indu unleashed my zest for life! She got me to realise my potential and my life has changed in all aspects. I use what she taught me to move forward and I don’t dwell on past experiences to hold me back anymore!

Kristina, Sydney, AUS

Initially, I wasn't quite sure what a 'Life Coach' would do for me but a month into working with Indu I realized that she was transforming the way I not only did things but how I thought of myself. I have experienced what I can only describe as exponential internal growth.


Indu has a unique ability to get right to the heart of the problem and promptly come up with a plan of action. Her attention to the not so obvious compliments her overall spirit and excellence as a life coach. She was able to give me all the space I needed to think out loud and offered just the right amount of inquiry, support, and encouragement to keep me going.


The homework Indu assigned during each session was relevant to push me forward, to get me to the place I needed to be and to feel positive. Words and expressions on this review do not serve justice to what I learned and experienced and I am blessed that our paths have crossed. 

Teesha, CA

I am forever grateful to have worked with Indu. Her insightfulness and understanding of my feelings were unlike any I have experienced. Because of this, she was able to direct me quickly in ways of changing old repeated thought patterns initiated and captured through journaling.


I was able to identify the underlying issue of my discontent. To that end, I am able to continue to practice that guidance on my own with support when I may need it by listening to a podcast or emailing Indu for a refresher consult.

Anita, Newton MA

My sessions with Life Coach Indu Chatham has contributed immensely to my personal development in a short span of time. During my Sessions, I found that I had adopted certain patterns of thinking which were limiting my personal growth. My sessions with Indu were instrumental in enabling me to explore new thoughts and ideas which helped me take small steps in achieving change in important areas of my life.


The Sessions enabled me to accept my own power as an individual. Indu is a highly dynamic, open, compassionate, and intelligent person and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to do these sessions with her.  Thank you!

Anita, Bangalore, India

I had no expectations when starting coaching sessions with Indu. I didn’t really even understand what that meant. Boy was I shocked and amazed! She truly has found her calling in life. I enjoyed working with her for a lot of reasons. One big reason is I felt safe being open and honest with her and felt no judgment on her part. She has the greatest demeanor. Feeling safe with someone is a big thing for me. I trusted her the moment I first spoke with her. 

The more we visited, she helped me realize that all the things I want most in life I was actually doing the opposite. I have always known the power of my own mind but had zero idea that I was actually preventing myself from a lot of things. My emotions run high and have always seemed to take over and I thought that in letting them come out I was dealing with them. I love that she talked me through some of my struggles and helped me realize that I have the power of my emotions and acknowledging them and being ok with what I am feeling, that you don’t have to let the emotions control you which was what I had been doing.  Now she has taught me skills to know how to deal with them as they come and I don’t have to fall apart. I am I control. I’ve learned that the stories I have told myself for a long time aren’t necessarily right. I don’t just have to accept what my mind tells me right off the bat. 

I now think coaching is an amazing tool. It is for anyone who feels stuck and not sure why. For someone who feels like they have been doing the right thing but still aren’t seeing the results they are wanting. Indu helps you walk through your thoughts and breaks them down and helps you understand where your thoughts may or may not take you. It has been life-changing for me. I have a long way to go and still need to practice daily to change my thought patterns but I am happy now that I understand a lot more about myself and what I can control over myself. It's hard but so worth it. It has helped with my relationships and helped me personally in ways I am still learning! I still have a lot more to learn about myself and look forward to continuing to visit with Indu. I can’t speak highly enough about her. I do believe that you have to have the right kind of person trying to do this job, and she is one of them. She is knowledgeable and confident in what she teaches and has a knack for teaching you the strategies. She has been a blessing to me personally and to my family!

Rachel, Mesa AZ

Pradhan, Bangalore, India

The aspect that struck me was how quickly Indu was able to connect with me, and her pleasant but professional disposition put me at ease within the first few minutes. To anyone who is thinking of going through this process, I would say it helps to have a mirror that listens, absorbs and gives you objective feedback, realisation and pointers which one would otherwise just have seen as the reflection from our own biased perspectives. 


My biggest “aha” moment during the process was the realisation that it’s not the ‘circumstances’ but the thoughts about the circumstances that triggers our feelings and therefore our perception, beliefs and reactions to the situation. This helped me to understand how to respond to a circumstance and apply practical tips to apply clearer thought processes. We believe we know most things about ourselves, but if we are pragmatic enough to understand that we have so many blind spots and biases and are willing to get perspectives, the discussions with Indu helps clear a lot of fogginess of the mind, beliefs and gives one approaches to handle the future life experiences better.


Coaching helped me look at my relationships very differently. I stopped assuming things and building my own stories. It helped me understand that I could care for the people in my life  unconditionally, but for each of them, their struggles are their own personal crosses to bear and that I cannot control or take blame for that. I am now also able to help & support the people in my life through suggestions and guidance rather than forcing them to do things that I believe is right.


The interventions, discussions and exercises have all been insightful and have helped me focus on what can happen and what can be done rather than what I could have done and what I missed out on. I like what Indu always says …. “Come from a ‘Position of Abundance’ rather than a ‘Position of Scarcity’.

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